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A new adventure is brewing...

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About the Game

A secret around every corner

Fae & Fauna is an upcoming open world pet collecting role-playing game.
Collect magical creatures in undiscovered lands and fight with your companions against the dangers lurking in the wilds!

What do you do?

The gameloop involves exploring, collecting, fighting and hatching eggs. 



The world is yours to explore at whichever pace you prefer, with new adventures and hidden secrets around every corner!

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Evil dwells in the world... Team up with your companions and vanquish your foes!


Enchanted mushrooms, glittering seashells, flowers, geodes... Collect to your heart's content!

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Gather mysterious materials and hatch new friends! Collect them all!

More about the game....

Craft eggs and discover magical pets as you explore breath-taking environments teeming with secrets, nooks and crannies around every corner. Every area has its own story and its own history,  waiting to be discovered by you!


As a student at Saltwick Academy, you are tasked with various assignments from your professors. While progressing through these tasks, develop your home base and decorate it with whatever curiosities you may find during your adventurous studies.


Pick your favourite season, and develop close-knitted relationships with your fellow students!

And of course... there will always be time for cuddles!


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Let's go on this adventure Together!

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The Aurora Arts team

Striving for the stars, one cup of coffee at a time. 

Meet our creative team! We are a group of problem solvers who love to work together and create a tight-knit community with our fellow devs and players. Our passion for creativity drives us to deliver vibrant game experiences. 

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