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Fae & Fauna
Press Kit

Posted on March 16, 2023

About Fae & Fauna

Fae & Fauna is an upcoming open world pet collecting role-playing game. Collect magical creatures in undiscovered lands and fight with your companions against the dangers lurking in the wilds!

  • Explore! Discover an immersive open world teeming with secrets and collectables of every kind imaginable.

  • Fight!  Scientific experiments gone wrong or corrupted mythical creatures, vanquish them all with the help of your most trusted pet companions!

  • Collect! Whether by looting your opponents or exploring the underwater chambers of Saltwick Academy, everything counts! There are enough objects and trinkets to collect for you to never to be bored.

  • Hatch! As you travel the world you will find certain materials that are used for a particular purpose... Craft mysterious eggs by mixing these materials in different ways, and hatch new pet companions!

  • Discover! Explore the grounds of Saltwick Academy, complete research tasks from your professors, and foster relationships with your fellow students!


Put on your best adventurer's shoes and join us on our journey!
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About Aurora Arts Studio

Fae & Fauna is developed by Aurora Arts, a close-knitted team located in Skövde, Sweden. The studio was founded by experienced independent developers who value diverse voices and an open minded passion for creating something new.

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Alpha Trailer

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